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I dont no what to do, help??

Me & My boyfriend are really different.. im very emotional he isnt, i like to talk things out he dosent, he says im very childish & he is more mature..sometimes i wonder why i even bother v.v should i try & change for him?

I need some opinions…

I wanna continue to fight for the one that i love but he has a girlfriend. BUT his girlfriend dosnt know that im also his girlfriend. I’m putting myself threw alot of pain for him, i dont wanna stop fighting for him but im in so much pain that im starting to hurt myself again v.v what should i do??

His girlfriends name is Karina.

But she dosent know that im his girlfriend also..

I love him. That’s the only reason i put up with this shit. 

He has to pick between me & her by August 11th, that’s his birthday.

But if he truly cares, shouldn’t he not have to pick? Shouldn’t he know who he wants to be with? Well anyways she doesn’t even know that he is picking between me & her at the end of the month.. If he picks her i feel like telling her everything, that he has been cheating on her the hole time.. but then he would never talk to me again, so i dont know if its worth it..

He tells me that he cares about me,

But i feel like he goes back & tells his girlfriend the same thing. He says he dosent talk to her like he does to me but then again he dosent tell her that were toghter be hide her back.. He dosent tell her that he see’s me more than her, or that we still do all the things couples do. I don’t no what to believe anymore, but i don’t wanna give up. Aren’t you supposed to fight for the ones that you love?

I need some opinions…

If you love someone should you keep fighting for that person or give up?